About A Rancher’s Wife

Hello, my name is Lisa Sloan.  First and foremost I am a Christian and love serving and worshiping God.  I am also the proud daughter of a rancher and became a rancher’s wife in 1991.   I love living and working on our ranch.  Our ranch is a cattle ranch located in central Texas.  Everyday I get to see the amazing creations that God made.  I will share many pictures with you of this beautiful land.

My husband, Damon and I have one son, Burnam.  Burnam has one daughter, Kayden.  They are my world.  You will see me post a lot about them.

Besides this, I also love dōTERRA Essential Oils.  This is a great company and the products are outstanding.  I have suffered for years with migraines.  These products have helped to greatly reduce that suffering.  I have also gained better health, energy and focus.  You can go to the “dōTERRA” tab and learn more about the company.  If you are serious about your health, this is a great place to start.

And….on top of all this, I am a police officer.  I love this job.  I love working with people and helping those who are in need.  I work in a small town so our problems are not as great as other areas and I get to know the people that I deal with on a personal level.

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