Hello and welcome to A Rancher’s Wife.  I am hoping that these pages will give you an insight into a way of life that is different from most.  There are exciting new things happening in the world all around us and there are times and lifestyles that are too soon forgotten.  Here you will get a little bit of both.

I grew up in rural Texas where riding a horse and herding cattle are a way of life.  A life I would not change or ex-change for anything.  I still live that life today.  But as I got older, I realized that the rest of the world has and is changing.  There are less all natural things and more toxins all around us.  So in my adult years, I have spent the majority of my time learning about the Body in terms of Fitness, Nutrition & Wellness, and I try to approach every aspect of my life in a healthy way.

I believe that the best way to increase your health and impact is to LIVE IN A BEAUTIFUL STATE! And a beautiful state is accessed through empowerment which involves having the key tools + information to rock a healthy life. One of the main ways I connect people to this lifestyle is through essential oils. You can look under the Doterra tab to get more information.  Also, fill out the email request and I will send you a few things that I have put together to help you with your journey.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you again real soon.

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