Kayden & Her Horses

Miss Kayden obviously loves to ride horses.  She started out when she was very young.  For our son Burnam, Damon built a ring around his saddle so that he could not fall out.  He started riding before he was a year old.  Now she has inherited the saddle and the horse.

The sorrel horse that she is riding was Burnam’s when he was just starting out riding.  I think he was around 5 yrs old.  She has had many names.  Her name was Tootsie when we bought her.  It changed to Smoke because she ran so fast it looked like smoke was coming from her feet, then to Crystal Smoke because (I think) Burnam like a little girl named Crystal, then she became Hateful Britches.  This is the name that stuck.

She earned this name because she was extremely hard for any adult to catch.  Burnam could walk straight up to her and throw the lead rope over her neck and she would just stand there.  Let me try to catch her and the chase was on.  She also earned this name because she liked to buck.  Well, maybe buck is too strong of a word.  Crow hop or just kick up her heels is probably better terms to use.  Every time he would ride her, she would buck.  She buck in the pasture, in the area, during rodeos, running the barrels or roping.  You never knew when she would do it but you were sure that at some point she would.

I will never forget the first time Burnam rode her.  He was very small.  He went half trotting, half loping down the arena.  She bucked once or twice and he came straight back to where I was.  One the way he was saying; mom ma, mom ma.   I was thinking, “Oh no. He is going to be scared and not want to ride”.  This would have been bad because at that time, I stayed home and worked on the ranch along with Damon and his family.  I could not imagine Burnam being scared of a horse.  Well, when he got to me, with a very serious look he asked me, “Which had do I put in the air when she starts bucking?”  Almost just as horrified at that question as I had been at the idea he would be scared I told him, “Neither, you just hang on.”  In the years to come, I would learn (many times the hard way) that he was not scared of too much.  Here are just some of the pictures of Kayden doing what she loves.


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